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2021 – 2022 Season

2021—2022 Season at St. Mark's Episcopal Church on Capital Hill

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METRORAIL: Capitol South (two blocks), or Union Station and Eastern Market (15-minute walk)

PARKING: On Saturdays, most adjacent blocks have unrestricted parking, with two exceptions: on the east side of 3rd Street from Independence Avenue to A Street, a two-hour restriction runs 7:00am to 9:30pm; on the west side of 3rd Street from Independence Avenue to East Capitol Street, there is metered parking at $2.30 per hour.

  • “Elegy”

    Saturday October 092021

    This program features the return of the wonderful soprano Catherine Gardner in performances of the late James Primosch’s “Waltzing the Spheres” and Stephen Albert’s “To Wake the Dead.” We’ll also do James Willey’s “Three Pieces in Memory of Stephen Albert (Pensivity; Bonkers; Dawn)”, Arthur Cunningham’s “This by dying” and Eric Santos “Consolation.”
    Read the printed program now for this concert.

    Erik Santos
    Arthur Cunningham
    This by dying
    James Primosch
    Waltzing the Spheres
    James Willey
    Three Pieces in Memory of Stephen Albert
    Eugene O’Brien
    Elegy to the Spanish Republic (World Premiere)
    Stephen Albert
    To Wake the Dead
  • “Color Wheel”

    Saturday December 042021

    Eric Moe
    Grand Prismatic
    Tansy Davies
    Small Black Stone
    David Froom
    Shades of Red
    Alexandra Gardner
    Electric Blue Pantsuit
    Luke Carlson
    Elena Ruehr
    Jeffrey Mumford
    amid fleeting pockets of billowing radiance
    Jennifer Higdon
    Pale Yellow, Fiery Red (Piano Trio)
  • “Count the Ways”

    Saturday February 052022

    Outi Tarkiainen
    Sans Paroles
    Jessie Montgomery
    Carlos Simon
    Where two or three are gathered
    Stephen Jaffe
    Trio (World Premiere)
    Stanislaw Skrowaczewski
    Musica a Quattro
    Valerie Coleman
    Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes
  • “(No title at this time)”

    Saturday April 092022

    James Primosch
    Times Like These
    Paul Schoenfield
    High Rock Ballet
    Hilary Tann
    In the Enchantment (World Premiere)
    Paul Schoenfield
    Sextet (Premiere of revised version)

*Programs subject to change.